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I was doing many Christian things with my Church group and was living a decent Christian life which of course Satan doesn't like. Therefore, I have learned from when I first got saved that Satan comes to rob you, and lie and destroy in any way he can and the closer you are to God or Jesus the more His Spirit attacks you. I was alone in my house. I was putting my make-up on and looking into my make -up mirror. I heard a distinctive deep evil voice speak to me in my ear but very distinctive say "I am going to kill you". Well that was a shock, and I did my best to ignore it. In case you are wondering I am not a mental patient and do not usually hear any strange voices. I do not have any mental disabilities. In a few short seconds I felt nauseated. So I ran into the bathroom and thought I had to throw up. I began coughing profusely, but then I realized that there was nothinbg wrong in my stomach it was my chest. Something was trying to expell from my chest. I reaalized that it was my soul or spirit. Then I realized that Satan was trying to get my soul to come out of my chest. I knew I was in danger of dying and couldn't seem to stop coughing. So I ran onto the sofa and lied down. I was extremely weak and dizzy. As I lie there another voice said to me(not with my ears but a voice within) a knowledge that I was being spoken to by an angel. He said,"start praying in tongues and keep praying until He goes away". Then the sofa seemed like it was being lifted into the air slowly. It was very frightening. So I began praying in the Lord's tongues and the couch slowly came back down to the floor. It seemed it had lifted about 3 feet off the floor. Then as it slowly came back down, the demon left me. It took several hours before I felt well or strong again.
It was a definite attack by a demon. From experience I can tell you that demons are real.

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