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Visions And Dreams
There are all kind of visions people have. How can you doubt visions when in the Holy Bible it tells of many visions and prophecies of many men of God who have interpreted the dreams of Kings. There are many kinds of dreams too. Some are prophetic, some are from fears, and some are a divine way of messaging through the Holy Spirit. Demons too can talk to you when you are asleep, and angels can speak to you when you are asleep. But, for the most part, most dreams are just events that are in the sub-conscience mind as you sleep and a way of expressing our innermost soul, or thoughts while sleeping, about certain events in your life. Getting back to visions, which is very different from dreams, because they occur when awake. I will tell of the few visions that I myself have encountered as examples of what visions are. A vision is seeing a happening either before it happens or while it is happening. My few experiences were seeing things as they were happening.

Vision 1

The first example of a vision I had have two witnesses to collaborate that it was totally accurate. My son David was getting married. He and his bride had their wedding reception at my oldest son's house with just close family. They were young and had no money to go to a honeymoon spot, or even a Hotel. David lived in an apartment with a couple of other brothers at the time, with no privacy for him and his bride. I lived alone in a town-house apartment with a fireplace. I spent the night with a daughter-in-law that night and gave David and Katie the key to my apartment. Before the reception I had wrapped, as an extra couple of gifts, two ceramic angels that were magnets for them and forgot them on my coffee table in the living-room across from the fireplace. I was lying down trying to sleep on the sofa at my daughter-in-law's apartment when suddenly I began to see my son David and Katie, his bride. I could see them just as they were coming up the stairs to my living room. Katie entered first. She went directly to the sofa and then saw the wrapped angels with her name on one, and called down to David. She said "Oh, look David your mother left us some gifts, come up and see them." Then David came up. He walked directly to the fireplace and said "Oh, wow this is cool, and he began to light the fireplace." Then he walked over to the angels. Then my vision ended. I had seen exactly what was happening at the time. I don't consider myself to have any particular gift. Just that I saw what God let me see in a vision. It was His way I think of thanking me for being kind enough to make David and Katie happy on their wedding night. The vision made me happy too. David and Katie were amazed that I was so accurate, and said so.

Second vision:

I was missing my first love or let's just say, I was wondering how his life was doing. The same man on the naval ship, but maybe 20 years later. I still loved him eventhough, I had not seen him for so many years. As I lie in my bed one night, I was wondering how he was doing and if his second marriage was working out for him or not. Suddenly a vision came upon me. I saw him and his wife lying in bed. It was very late at night. She was sleeping and well wrapped up in a blanket; it was also partially on her head as she was lying on her side. I could not see her face. It seemed that she was cold. He was awake lying on his side clothed but looking at her with a lot of love and he caressed her hair with love . He bent over and kissed her cheek. On the opposite side of the room was a baby-bed with no baby in it. I assume that she was pregnant. Then the vision ended. My wondering was over. God let me know what I wanted to know. Since I wasn't sleeping I consider this as a vision.

Third vision:

My ex-husband and I got back together for six months and he swore he would never again go back to his ex-girlfriend as she was an alcoholic and that she becomes violent when drunk. I threw him out of the house for going to a bar-room alone all night and he swore he wasn't with her. After I took him back again I had this vision: Both of them were lying naked under a blanket together. Well, I could see his bare chest as they were both lying on their sides. He hugged her tightly, as she was falling to sleep, and he said to her, "This is how I like to sleep." Then the vision ended. I had this vision when we were apart. When he came back, I told him about the vision and tears came into his eyes. He wouldn't discuss it. I know in my heart that this was a true vision. Visions are real and usually are from God. Eventhough, Satan can give you a false vision to frighten you too. So, if your vision frightens you it is usually not from God. For God loves his children and doesn't usually want to give a vision to frighten anyone, but to show you Truth.

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