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This is a true encounter. I was in the Drive-In Theatre in my station wagon with my seven chidren and my boyfried Pete. We were all watching the movie when all the children stepped out of the car to watch the movie as they were hot. They all sat down next to the car along the concrete speaker stand. The baby was about four years old and was sleeping in the back seat. Pete and I were in the car with the baby. Suddenly we all realized that there were some strange blue and green lights blinking in a circle up to the right in the sky hoovering over the Big Screen, not too far up in fact. I kept staring at it and decided that the dome shaped object which was silver and looked like a saucer with a silver dome shaped head on it had to be a UFO. It just stayed there with the lights blinking in a circle. The children got very excited and all stood up and began pointing and yelling "Mom, Mom look that, it's a UFO!" Then a couple of the baby Danny's brothers snatched him out of the car, woke him up so he could also see the UFO. Pete and I then jumped out of the car and we all stood there pointing at it in total amazement. It was there about twenty minutes in all. Then we all amazingly watched the blue and green flickering lights just glide away.

It made no noise upon leaving. None that we could hear from the ground. My kids began laughing and said "Well I guess they just stopped to watch the movie, Mom." I thought about that and agreed. Maybe they just wanted to watch the movie. Maybe that's why they stopped for awhile. A movie must have been interesting to them, I suppose! Later three of my sons said that they saw alien faces looking at down at them from little windows and that their heads were very small. My eyes weren't that good as I did not see that, but the UFO was large enough for all of us saw it plainly. Each one of those seven children, myself and Pete all remember the encounter and talk about it sometimes. I can remember that night like it was yesterday.

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