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My fiancÚ' Ricky died of cancer of the throat and lungs. Of course I was devastated. We had a true love. There were several experiences I have had with his ghost. One of them being that he used to talk to me in the spirit. This is not easy to explain how I would know when it was him. It was a spiritual thing of him speaking to me, not with my ears but in my spirit, being able to hear him speak more like an ESP thing. I was talking to my son Paul of whom Ricky loved very much. I was saying that I hope Ricky wouldn't mind if I would let Paul use Ricky's tuxedo whenever Paul marries. Ricky explicitly told me that he would be honored for Paul to wear it when he marries.

Story No. 2
Another time I was so lonely that I picked up the phone pretending to talk to Ricky. I missed him so much and believed that he could hear me. I began telling him how much I love him and missed him. Suddenly, the phone began making a sound as if someone were trying to speak but couldn't get the words out. It sounded weird like a person with a deep hoarse voice trying to talk. I was stunned. Then Ricky in the spirit reminded me that he no longer has a voice box, but that through electricity he could make the phone have sounds. In my experience with ghosts they have the power to turn on radios, televisions, make lights go off and on or flicker. They can manipulate anything to do with electricity.

Story No.3
Ricky's Ghostly Appearance
I was lying down on my sofa all alone in my apartment one late afternoon. I was thinking about Ricky. Very gently he began forming a figure, as his ghost sat on the side of my sofa. He didn't speak, he was just gazing upward towards the ceiling. He did not look at my face. But, he did let me know that he was there and still cared about my loneliness, and about me. This showed me that love still exists beyond the grave. It was like I could put my hand through him, just like you can see the sunshine's rays shining through your room, but cannot grab it. You can only put your hand through the rays of the sun. It gave me a lot of peace to see him again. I hope he visits me again soon.

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