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The Definition of Reincarnation:

Reincarnation or Transmigration: passing of the soul at death into a new body or new form of being. Transmigration and reincarnation, or the rebirth of a soul in a new body (especially in a new human body), are roughly synonymous. Metamorphosis and resurrection are not synonymous with transmigration. From the Encarta Encyclopedia

Just a thought here:
In the Christian Bible it states that Elijah is going to come back during the great tribulation to preach the Word of God. Any theories as to how he will get here? My theory is reincarnation. Will he be born again? The Word does not specify the answer to my question.

A Friends Testimony:

There was a man in my life, through the years, that I have felt I have known before in another lifetime. This story is from one man of whom I knew since 1974. He claims to have a memory of a past love-life that we once shared and several other lives that he himself had. I can't know for certain if this is the truth. But, I will tell you the story anyhow. He claims that we were lovers in the 18th century. He was married and I was his lover. He wouldn't get a divorce and we never married. He was a mayor of Mass. and that I had long red hair. He is a very scholared and well-educated man with many masters degrees and teaches College English. He is also a published writer. He is a very non-violent person. He claims that in a few past lives, as he remembers, he was in one life a Crusader which was a very violent life. In another life he was a professional fighter in the ring, another violent occupation. He claims that he had to evolve into a karma of being non-violent which he is today.

Personal Dreams:

On the other hand, I myself only have had two dreams of the past. These were in the form of dreams. So many may question the validity of them. But, once I had them I was convinced that they part of my past lives . In one dream, I remember having long red hair in the Western days of the Cowboys and Indians, during the Gold Rush. My parents, aunts and uncles, and I were all traveling along in a covered wagon when the Indians came over a mountain and swooped down upon our wagon. I looked to my left and saw my father and uncle being scalped. My entire family was being slaughtered before my eyes. Very suddenly, an Indian on a painted horse grabbed me so hard on my left arm as it caused pain. He threw me in the back of his horse and took me home with him to his tent. He did save my life, however. In my dream I fell madly in love with him.I became his wife. I believe that I have met him again in this lifetime but he is now dead from the age of 35 from cancer. He was the love of my life in this lifetime, and I believe I knew him in a past life too.

Dream 2

This one is very short. I dated a man for three years that I kept having a re-occurring dream that he was at the helm of a ship and was the Captain of it. In this lifetime he was a salesman. That is all there was to that dream, but I think I knew him in another lifetime. I believe that he had left me standing on the shore in tears as he sailed away in the past life. It is just what I feel. I have no proof. But, please remember that our inner spirit knows all Truth. So always trust that gut feeling.

Many books have been written whereas many have been regressed by hypnotism, and many case histories recorded of people recalling past reincarnations.

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