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Weird Phone Call

I was alone in my apartment one night. The phone rang. I checked my caller ID and it showed that my piano-man friend, Johnny, was calling me from his cell phone. I answered and no one would talk. Johnny is not a prankster. He is an elderly man who would not try to frighten me, a good Christian person, and a very kind man. I said, "hello" and all I could hear was someone making a gasping sound and a guttural sound as if they were having some kind of attack or breathing problem. I could hear a low deep voice making a groaning sound, but no words were spoken. I was frightened that Johnny was having a heart attack. I called out to him and yelled, "Johnny, what's wrong"? "Oh my God, I will hang up now and get you some help!" I thought he was having a heart attack. It was a 25 minute ride from his apartment and figured there was not enough time for me to save his life if I myself drove there, and I didn't have a key to get in. So, I called his ex-wife and asked her to contact the landlady, who lived on the premises, and ask her to go in and check on him. I didn't know her phone number. His ex-wife said she would do that. When I called back a little later to check on things, Johnny's ex-wife was somewhat rude and said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Johnny and that he just returned from work. He had been playing piano all night long. She just spoke with him. I promptly hung up and called Johnny. He lives alone. He said that he left his cell phone at home by mistake and forgot to bring it with him to work, and that no-one was in his apartment all night long. We couldn't figure out how I got a phone call. We both decided that it must have been that I was the last person that he called and that the cell phone waves somehow re-dialed my number. He said that cell phones do strange things sometimes. He also said that he was very tired and was going to bed. It was past 3 A.M. I also went to bed. At 6 A.M. the phone rang again. It was Johnny's cell phone again. His number clearly showed. There was no one talking. There was just silence. Now I became a little frightened and quite suspicious that it must be Johnny's house ghost that is calling me, but why? I hung up and went to back to bed. When I awakened I called Johnny. He said at 6 A.M. he was sleeping soundly and definitely did not call me. A few short months later Johnny had a massive heart attack in his apartment. Thank God his son was there to call an ambulance. His life was spared. Could that phone call have been from his mother's ghost to give me, a friend who cares, a warning of what was to happen? What do you think? This is a true story.

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