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The Naval ship
I was sitting by an open window and looking at the beautiful stars in the sky. I was wondering if my Beloved of whom was in the Navy on a ship was still grieving over our break-up. I knew I had broken his heart very badly and was so sorry that I hurt him. I had broken up with him for another man because of his un-founded jealousy that frightened me. When we broke up we were still both very much in love with each other. I was missing him so much and wondering if he was all right. I stared into the starry sky and asked of God to let me know how he was feeling. My Darling of whom had joined the Navy in an attempt to escape a broken heart. I looked at the sky once more. At that moment my spirit left my body and I found myself on a naval ship. I saw him. He was lying on a cot on the top deck surrounded by many other men sleeping on cots too. They all had on white tee shirts and black slacks. To my right was a large black metal round cylinder-shaped thing. I don't know what it was, still. I approached him and then felt his feelings as if they were my own. I could feel that he still loved me, and I could feel what was in his heart. He was better, he was slowly healing. I felt so much love for him as I still loved him very much. I went to his bedside. He then tossed a little as if he sensed me near him, as if he were about to awaken. But, he didn't wake up. I wanted to touch him, so I put my hand upon his chest, but to my grief it was like a ghost's hand because it went through him as if I wasn't real. That greatly dissappointed me. I found out what I asked of God to show me. Then I opened my eyes and was still in my rocking chair next to the window. It was the middle of the night and I just went on to bed. My heart wasn't as grieved now, as I knew he was healing.
That was many years ago, but an experience I will never forget. I am grateful that God answered my prayer. This was a true experience I had with astro-projection.

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