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My Son's Ghost

When I was married some years ago. I was pregnant for my second child. I was in bed when I began profusely bleeding. Blood saturated the towels and sheets I put under me. I was losing a lot of blood and became dizzy and was coming in and out of short blackouts. My dad rushed me to the hospital at about 100 miles an hour, and my father-in-law of whom was my doctor said I would have been dead on arrival if about five minutes more of bleeding. I had lost four pints of blood. But, I made it. I was five months pregnant and it was a miscarried boy. I grieved for him and cried a lot in the hospital. Several years later after a bitter divorce I was sitting in the living-room with my boyfriend on the couch. The air condition was to my left on the window, and I was sitting right next to it. Well as I was speaking to Pete I caught a glimpse of a little boy(out the corner of my eye) that looked like my son Mark about age 10 walk right past me and simply turn on the air condition. Then I heard it go on. He politely walked back towards the steps and when he got to the landing of the bottom step, he disappeared. I was confused as my older son Michael began walking down the stairs. He was about age 13 at the time. I said "Michael where is Mark, and what is Mark doing? He said, "Oh, he's sleeping I just passed his room." In un-belief I said" Please go check him again and tell me ok?" He went up and came back with the same story that Mark was asleep. But, the air condition was still running, and I turned it off as I was getting cold. I said "Pete did you see the little boy, the one who turned on the air condition"? He said, "No, but I was wondering how it came on because I myself turned it off, and I did not put it on automatic." Then I told him of what I saw. I am convinced now that my deceased son lived in the house with me and all his brothers and his sister. For I can't think of who else he could be as he looked so much like his brother Mark. About a year later my youngest son Danny said to me. "Mom. I saw a little boy ghost in the kitchen and I ran out the room. But, now I am sure he was my brother, the one who died. I wonder why I saw him there?" I said" I guess he loves us and wanted to say hello to you, Danny." I am glad you saw him too. I saw him last year.
True story © by Madame Blue

Chapter 2

About ten years later, living in the same old large, two-storied house, I was lying in bed falling asleep late, about midnight. A young man entered the room and sat quietly on the edge of my bed. He was wearing a satin, white, long-sleeved shirt (exactly like my boyfriend's shirt, the one he wears when he plays music) and he had on black slacks. He had dark brown curly hair. I thought in my half sleep that it was my son Martin who came to my bedside to talk to me. But, as I saw him penetrating my eyes with so much love in them and as I began to awaken more, I realized that this very hansdome young man was a stranger to me. I felt so loved and warm, not at all afraid. Eventhough, he strongly resembled my son Martin he was different, simply just not Martin, my oldest son. When I realized that it was not Martin I thought I was dreaming, but I was really awake. Then without speaking, he looked deeply into my eyes for several seconds and then he disappeared before my eyes. He was about in age, close to Martin's age. I'd say he was about 20, and Martin was then 21. I began to think that God showed me a vision of a young man of whom I would marry. I wondered why he had on a band shirt. I guess he just wanted me to know that he plays music. Anyhow, I was not sure who I saw and why. I had absolutely no idea who this handsome young man was. It had been ten years since my little boy passed by me and turned on the air condition. All I know is I felt complete love from a handsome ghost. Madame Blue

Chapter 3

Ten years had passed since I saw the mysterious handsome, young man sitting on the edge of my bed. One night, I realized when I was falling to sleep that I had left my purse on the sofa in the living-room. I wanted to go fetch it. As I turned on my bedroom light, a hazy bit of light was reflecting into the dark living-room. I slowly walked into the dimly-lit room. But, there was still enough light to see my furniture and that my purse was on the sofa. When I went to fetch it, from across the room there was a handsome young man sitting on the sofa on top of my purse. As I walked across the room, his head would turn in my direction. He followed me with his eyes and his head about three times, but I was determined to fetch my purse anyhow. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a plaid shirt of reds and browns. He was about age 30. He looked so much like a cross between my two sons Mark and Martin. But, his hair was more curly than theirs and he was slimmer than they were also. He didn't smile, he was intently looking at me everywhere I walked. His head and eyes followed me. I didn't want him to know that I knew he was there, as I knew he was a ghost, but I just ran up to the sofa and put my hand right through his belly and grabbed my purse through him. Then I just ran as fast as I could out of the room as it was very spooky for me to have seen him sitting on the couch when I first entered the room. When I went to bed I rememberd the other younger man who sat at my bedside and realized that he was the same person or same ghost, just he was about ten years older now. No, it makes no sense at all to me. As I didn't think you really age in heaven, and maybe you don't. Maybe this was just a sign that my son, we will call him Monty, just pays me a visit every ten years as of the same age as if he had been born. This happened in August and he died in August. I think when he visits, it is his Birthday. The Birthday of the day he died.

© by Madame Blue
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