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Mom and Dad's Ghosts

My baby
son was age 4 yr. old.
He was lying down sleeping
in the bed next to me.
I had a thought that I wished
that my deceased Mom and Dad
could see how pretty he was,
as he was born after
they had both died.
I know they would have loved him.
Just then, very quietly,
my Mom appeared coming
through my bedroom door
followed by my Dad.
Actually they had been divorced
when they both passed away.
But, I could clearly see that
they were together again.
Mom walked to the bedside where
the baby was sleeping.
She leaned over
and kissed him on his forehead.
Then my Dad walked up and
also kissed the baby
on the forehead.
Then they both quietly
walked out the door,
without a word, and disappeared.
I was so thrilled that they
let me know they were
together and that they can
see my baby, and that they
both love him.
It touches my heart that
they did this,
to my surprise.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved