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Mom's Astral-Projections
These are true stories of actual events

My mother used to practice astral-projection at will. She wanted to delve into this phenomena to see if it was real, and if she could do it. She would meditate on her soul leaving her body and wander off into another realm, whereas, there were many other spirits out there in space. It was like another universe or just out into space. Where exactly, I couldn't tell you. She learned how to will her spirit out of her body. She said that she would wander off hooked by a silver cord tied to her soul. But, if she wandered too far away that the chance of the silver cord breaking can cause death. When she felt she was too far away and felt danger she would return by will. She said out there in this space realm that there are many other souls floating around too. Some good, some evil. Just like people on earth; some good, some evil. Not too shocking to find out. Well a couple of times she was getting too far away and she realized that she was taking a chance of dying, so she gave it all up and stopped. She asked me NEVER to do this because it was much too dangerous and she also said that God doesn't want us to delve into this phenomena. Because of the danger it is forbidden, and not our time for this. Concerning the silver cord, the Word of God or the Holy Bible tells us that we are connected to our soul by a silver cord. It is in black and white there.

Mom's Story No.2

A few years later my mother became very ill. She had ameba dysentery that you can catch by eating un-rinsed lettuce as it is a bug that can infect you . The only medicine that was given for this to kill the bug is arsenic poison. So if the bug don't kill you, the poison can. She also had a very large ulcer. She was lying on her bed one night and the silver cord, she said, popped out of her mouth and her spirit began to float near the ceiling of the room. She could see her body lying helpless on her bed. She didn't want to die and wasn't ready yet to pass on. God granted her more time as she willed her spirit back into her body. She said to herself "just move your arm, move your arm", and then the silver cord returned to her body by way of her mouth and she was able to once again move her arm. But, the cord had not been severed.

Mom's Story No.3

After a few years of her terrible ulcer Mom went into the hospital to have more than half of her stomach removed as the ulcer was very large. Shortly after the operation she lie in her hospital bed and she began to die. Her silver cord came out of her and she began rising to the top of the ceiling. she again could see her life-less body below her. She said that she felt so much peace that she really did no not want to come back this time but God spoke to her and told her that her children need her still, and that she should return for their sakes. She returned to her body alive. When She first returned she said she was in a great deal of pain when it happened, and the incision was large too. She had not received her medicine from the nurse on time and the pain had become un-bearable. But, she said that upon returning she sat straight up in in bed very abruptly with no pain whatsoever when making the return. This really surprised her as she knew under ordinary circumstances she could not have performed such a feat at all much after such an operation much less without any pain. The nurse just arrived after it was all done and gave her the pain medicine, finally.

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