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My best friend is a pianist of whom
lived in the French Quarter.
Since I sing with him on weekends
and I live in the out-skirts
of the City I
many times stay in his Guest Room.
When Johnny's not home I also clean
his apartment.
When he's not home is when
I usually clean his bed-room.
For several years each time
I went in his bedroom alone
I could sense a presence there.
A ghost I think who felt that I was intruding.
The heavy wooden bedroom door would shut
when there was no air condition on
and no fan, or any wind blowing
in the room.
It happened so often that one night
when Johnny came home as I
was telling him about the door,
it slowly shut right
in front of him.
I felt the presence right behind
Johnny's recliner chair
(where he fell asleep
most every night watching T.V.)
Johnny plays the Piano
at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
actually once owned by Jean and Pierre Lafitte.
Lafitte's being known to be
the fifth most haunted building in the world.
One night
the lights just turned off and a picture
of the ghost Jean Lafitte fell off the wall.
We wondered if Jean or Pierre
Lafitte followed Johnny home.
It really scared me and Johnny
at the kitchen table.
So it got to be where I wouldn't even clean
Johnny's bedroom any more unless he was
there to help, and keep me from being
alone with his "house ghost".
Whomever she or he was.
Recently about six months ago,
(against my better judgement,
watching T.V. in Johnny's bedroom alone.
I sat on the edge of the bed
across from the reclining chair.
I was folding clothes and suddenly
I looked up and a lady
appeared very quietly and softly
as not to frighten me.
I didn't feel any fear at all.
She appeared behind
Johnny's reclining chair.

I saw her from a side-view.
She was elderly, she appeared over-weight
with brown and mostly gray hair in a bun
in the back of her head.
She had on a chiffon type of
pastel flowered dress.
She took her arms and wrapped them
half-way around the recliner chair.
She let me know by spiritual message
that she loved Johnny and
was there to protect him.
So finally this ghost who lives in
Johnny's room revealed herself to me.
I had the strong feeling that she was his mother.
When he came home I told him of what I saw.
He said I did describe his mother or his aunt
both of whom had passed away many years ago.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved