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Johnny's Dad's Ghost

My friend told me this
true tale about his dad.
Johnny's dad died many years ago
when Johnny was a young man.
He was extremely close to his dad
and he was an only child.
One year after his dad died,
as Johnny was trying to sleep,
he awakened to find his dad
standing at the foot of his bed.
He got up and hugged him and
kissed him on the cheek.
Then they decided to go sit
at the kitchen table to talk.

Johnny's Mother was in the kitchen
washing dishes but, she did not
pay any attention to them.
Johnny was aware that his dad was
really dead so he asked
him a few questions.
Johnny was so very glad to see him.
He asked him if things were ok
and asked him if there was anything
he could get for him.
The answer was amazing.
His dad said "Yes, some baby clothes."
This answer surprised Johnny
and gave him a lot to think about.
When John's dad left, Johnny found
himself back in his bed.
He got up and asked his Mom in the kitchen
why she didn't talk to his dad
when he was there.
She said that she didn't see anyone
in the kitchen, not even Johnny.
It's up to you what you believe.
I believe in ghosts
and I think Johnny's Dad
did pay him a friendly visit.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved