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This story is (as all of my stories here) a true story. It tells of my experiences of the three times I actually saw Jesus, and once saw Satan. These stories I find hard to reveal because of two reasons. First, is because Christians that I tell it to get jealous, and I am sorry about that. Secondly, the non-believers do not believe me. So, I find myself between a rock and a hard place here. The reason I am writing them is because Jesus told me to tell others of what I have seen. In obedience to Him, I am writing it all for you. I have no idea why these things have happened to me or why Jesus appeared to me, as I already had Faith in Him and didn't need to see Him for proof. Doubting Thomas needed proof that Jesus can and did appear to His people in the upper room shortly after His resurrection from the grave. I just hope when reading this, that you won't be a doubting Thomas. The Word does not say that we cannot see Jesus. The Word says that we cannot look upon the face of God (the Father). So, please keep an open mind.

Story One

I was sitting on my bed one Friday night playing my guitar by ear. I had written a song called "No-one can touch me now" meaning that Satan couldn't touch me since I have turned my life over to Jesus. When I got to the part in the song, as I was singing and playing it, that says "No-one can touch me now" a dark spiritual cloud filled the room. It seemed as if the room got dark and fear filled me up. I was trembling in fear as I could sense a terrible presence approaching me. Suddenly, I saw him, an evil spirit dressed in black with a black cloak (looked like Dracula) approaching me through the doorway entrance. He looked directly into my eyes and I saw the blackest and darkest eyes anyone could ever see. No light was present, whatsoever, in his eyes. They were completely black and evil. He had his hand upon the cloak and held it over his face as only his eyes were exposed. Some black hair above his forehead was showing. At this point a voice spoke softly to me in my right ear and said, "Just continue to do what you were doing and show no fear. Remember that, "Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world." I continued to sing and play the guitar. As this black creature of hell began to enter into my room, Jesus suddenly appeared in front of my doorway, but as a side-view, as my bed was not directly across from the doorway. Jesus was very, very tall. His head came up to the upper wooden frame of the door. He had on a white robe tied with a gold rope-like belt around his waist and brown sandals on His feet. His hair reached down to his shoulders and he had a beard. His hair was all colors of hair except no black was present there. Strands of His hair were blonde, brown, white, silver, gray, and red, all mixed up together. He came in His glory as there was a white light surrounding Him. His eyes looked up towards the ceiling as He said "Get thee behind me Satan." This is when I found out that it was actually Satan who had appeared. Satan promptly disappeared. Then I felt the spirit of Jesus, as it was so saddened by the loss of his creation, and once beautiful angel Satan. Jesus still loves Satan, his creation, but will not force him to honor His Master. He will not force Satan to love Him back, and is very saddened by the evil, and by Satan's disloyalty. I was shocked to find out that Jesus still loves Satan. Jesus is made up of nothing but pure LOVE. Jesus has no hate in Him; He has only Love to give, and is the Pure Spirit of Love. Then Jesus spoke to me in the spirit, not hearing a voice with my ears, but in my spirit He said this, "Tell others of what you have seen." As He was disappearing I was so sad to see Him go away that I said "Oh, please don't leave!" and Jesus said to me" I am always with thee, whether you can see me or not, I am always with thee."

Story Two

I was divorced and had been single for many years and so very lonely. One night about nine o'clock as I lie on my stomach crying tears of despair and loneliness I cried out to Jesus to please send me someone to love. I suddenly sensed His strong presence next to me on the bed. I figured it was my imagination, but in curiosity, I slowly turned my face around to look anyhow. There He was, it was Jesus sitting upright on my bed, clothed in a white robe. He drew His loving arms around me and said nothing. He just comforted me and I was elated with Joy and Peace with a wonderful anointing that is indescribable. Then in a few seconds He did speak. He said" The hills may depart and the mountains may be removed, but my steadfast love will be with you forever." Then He was gone.

Story Three

In my walk with Jesus as a new Christian of about six months saved; I had been praying to be made humble, as that is not a trait that I find easy to possess. So I continued to pray for humility. One night as I was driving in my car alone, I first sensed the presence of Jesus. Then I looked to my right and he was just sitting there in the next bucket seat up front near me. He did not speak at all. I just sensed His humble spirit and what it felt like to be humble through Him. He wanted me, I think, to feel and obtain some of His humility through His Spirit. He was answering my prayer with His Presence. Then he was gone. His spirit lingered in the car for a long time. I was so grateful that He let me feel this God-like humility and what it really feels like to be humble. I am afraid that I have forgotten to be humble as that was many years ago. I wish He would come back again to remind me how it really feels, again.

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