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Personal Testimonies
Divine Healing Story 1

I was in a severe car accident. My car was demolished. During the accident my head broke the windshield, and I had a slipped disk in my neck as a result of it. My foot was also injured and was very swollen. I wore a neck brace and was on crutches. When I was able to get around without the crutches I attended a ladies Bible Study on a Tuesday morning. I was suppose to go to the doctor for more ex-rays in a few days. The doctors were worried about me ever turning my head too abruptly as they said to do so could possibly paralyze me. They were going to discuss the necessary treatment for my neck then. Well a lady Christian of whom I had never seen before was there. She began praying for my neck. When she was finished praying she said "Your healing has begun." That coming Friday night I was at a Home Bible Study, and afterward I was getting some refreshments, when I felt a man's hand upon the back of my neck as he was praying in tongues. I had never seen him before in my life. As he was praying, I felt the bone in my neck move into the center of my neck. It didn't hurt, I felt just a little pressure. But, I definitely felt it move. When he was finished praying he said that God had led him to pray for my neck. He said he just obeyed God. Well, I never went back to the doctor ever again. I was divinely healed. I was completely healed and my neck is just fine to this day.

Healing Story 2

When my oldest son went to the altar when he was about 12 years old. He gave his heart to Jesus and said a salvation prayer at the altar. When we were driving home he said"Mom, my eyes can see much better now. I won't be needing any eye- glasses now. Look Mom I can read all the street signs as never before. He had been near-sighted. His eyes were miracoulsly healed and without anyone even asking for a healing. that son, named Martin is now a Youth Minister and is still in Bible College with more studies. God knew his heart was true and just healed him out of love. God loves all His children.

Healing 3

I had severe pain in my right foot and it was very painful to walk. Upon going to the doctor I was told that it was a calcium deposit at the ball of my foot. It was a bone that over-grew under the skin. Only surgery could correct it, but many times it just grows right back after surgery. There would be no guarantees. My son no.2 named Michael is what you can call a healer. He has a gift of healing from God. He prayed for my foot and within three days my foot was totally with-out pain and the condition has never returned, Halleluiah to God in the highest, for he healed my pain.

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