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There was a sleezy Strip Club in my town,
only a few miles from where me and my husband and two babies lived. My husband frequented the place every weekend and left me home alone with the children. That hurt me very badly. My friend Linda and I would pass the sinful place every now and then in my car as it was in her neighborhood. When passing the building we used to pray and ask God to
burn the building down. It was very heart-breaking when one of the strippers from there began living with my husband. Several months later I divorced him. My two babies no longer had a daddy. So, I was very bitter about having that building anywhere in my town. Me and Linda must have passed there about three or four times together and always would pray that God burn the building down. One day as visiting another friend and she asked me if I heard about the Downs Lounge. She said that it had burned down to the ground and that the owner had also died of natural causes, not in the fire. That was about two years after our prayers had been heard in heaven. My prayers were answered. The sinful place never did re-open since the fire. No one was hurt in the fire as it happened when the building was closed. Many years later my ex-husband who seemed to really miss the place said "Why did you cause that building to burn down?" He knew of my prayers.I said, "God did it, God heard my prayers and I am glad it's gone."
God answers prayers.

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