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My Daughter's Warning!

I had just bought an old Ford.
I went with my daughter for a
ride in my new, old car.
I was looking for a specific address
of a work-out Gym
and couldn't find it.
It began to rain.
My daughter who was about
19 yr.old said to me
"Mom, you must go home right now.
If you don't turn the car around
and go home right now you are
going to get into a car accident.
I really do hate
driving in the rain,
but, I was determined to
find that address.
I told her just as soon as
I find it, then we would go home.
I went to an intersection and
my car skidded across a stop sign
on a very slippery street.
A pick-up truck was coming straight
toward my car.
I saw it and swerved my car
somewhat toward the curb and
he hit me right behind the door
my daughter was sitting in.
Because I swerved,
it didn't hit her head on.
No-one was injured but,
my car was demolished.
It would never be fit for the road again,
and I only had the car for one hour.
That is what I call precognition.
A warning of what was going to happen
was what my daughter had described.
Her precognition certainly came true.

One small example of precognition:
Example 2

My son age 16 and I were on the way
to the doctor,
of whom was my father-in-law.
He owned the small office building
he practiced in.
There was a fire-hydrant to the right
of the front of his building.
That was always the only parking spot
I could ever find, for about ten years,
as I always parked there.
I never got a parking ticket
and didn't even worry about it after
all the years I parked there.
My son said as soon as we got there,
"Mom, if you park there
you will get a ticket.
I diagreed. He repeated himself
several times and I ignored him.
Yes, that's right, when I came out
there it was, a traffic ticket
on my car window.
My son laughed and said"
I told you so, Mom."
Well I call that precognition.
Who knows what causes some people
to have that ESP
or an inner voice, or an outer voice
that softly speaks to them.
But, when you hear these warnings.
Take heed to them, and always
obey your gut instinct.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved