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What is "Channeling"?

A contact between a human being
and a divinity or spirit occurs
in a trance, during which
a divine spirit is believed to
take possession of the person in trance.
From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

A channeler is a person who conveys
thoughts or energy from a source
believed to be outside the person's
body or conscious mind;
specifically : one who speaks for
nonphysical beings or spirits.

The knowledge of external objects
or events without the aid of the senses.
Since ancient times,
people have wondered about various
so-called psychic experiences
that seem to defy scientific explanation.
Often these phenomena have been associated
with communication with the dead.
Mediums, who purport to mediate between
the living and the dead,
were particularly popular in the 19th century.
Often mediums deliver utterances while
in a trancelike state,
and their followers believe that
they can deliver messages from the deceased.

Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2000.
All rights reserved.

As an example:
I had a best friend, a woman named Rose
who had a gift of channeling.
She seemed not to have any control over it.
It was something that just took her over
and when under a "trance" she would
say some words of wisdom about whatever
and whomever she was with.
When it was over she couldn't remember
one word of what she had said.

As an example:
Someone asked her if she would have a
chance to get back together in the
future with her first love
of whom was happily married.
She went into a trance and she said,
"As long as the wife is alive,
not a chance in hell, but that
the wife is going to die."
Then she snapped out of the trance and
couldn't remember what she said.
This happened through-out her life
and she once said that she
wished she didn't have this gift.

This next example is related to channeling
as it is spirits giving messages
instead of by a trance
but, in form of dreams.
Also, before a death of a friend,
relative or an acquaintance
she would always see dead people
in her dreams and about three days
later someone would die.
The spirits would give her a warning,
but not tell her who it was
that was going to die.
Three times she called me and told me
that she saw my dead mother in a dream.
Each time someone close in my family died.
Twice was my mother's sisters and once
my uncle died after one of these dreams.
But, channeling is even more than that
as it is a spirit that seems to attach itself
to this person and gives important messages
to the channeler.

I myself have had a couple of experiences
with some spirit of whom has tried
to help me paint art better and
one who has taken over my thoughts as
I wrote a prose story.
The words I wrote was in old English and
sounded much like Shakespeare.
This style of writing was
not my style ever before.
I don't know for sure who he was

My painting experience,
that is another story all in itself.
I kept dropping my paint brush
more than usual and when I would
pick it back up,
my hand would not go to the color
I first intended it to go to.
But, my hand was led to go to a
different color and the painting was different
than I first intended it to be.
I think this was an old master artist
or maybe even my father who painted
of whom had passed away.
But, it was someone helping me paint.
I appreciate him and his help.

Channeling is a way in which a spirit
can communicate with others by
using a channeler,
and the channeler delivers the messages
to whomever they are meant for.
The only trouble is that these spirits can be
of a good soul or an evil one.
The fear would be that a demon is
talking to the channeler,
or that an evil spirit may be.
Of course if an angel speaks to someone
all the Christian Churches are pleased.
But, because of the danger of having
a demon or evil spirit
take over a person,
or the channeler is why the
Churches frown on and forbid channeling.
To me this is understandable.
Therefore you must know and trust
anyone of whom is channeling.
I advise never to go to any
stranger for these reasons.
In my opinion anyone who charges money
for this gift is not a safe source
of getting enlightened information
from a pure spiritual source.

I have a friend of whom has
a poetry website
and he told me that sometimes
he doesn't feel it is him who is writing
the words as he goes into a type
of "trance" sometimes
and is when he writes his best work.
This is a form of channeling,
whereas, a spirit is giving the
messages to the channeler.

Until I became a close friend to Rose
I knew nothing about channeling
except for reading the
experiences of Edgar Cayce
a famous medium and a channeler.
I hope this short story helps
you to understand what channeling is.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved