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Blackman's Ghost

I had just moved into a new apartment. The neighborhood was largely black. I was very happy about the cost and it was really lovely and large. It even had two upstairs bedrooms with glass sliding doors that led to a balcony. I was just settled in for about three days and trying to sleep, but still awake. I was home alone. I had locked the two entrance doors downstairs and all the balcony sliding doors upstairs also. Suddenly, I saw a black man standing near my bedroom door; he was looking at me trying to sleep. He seemed curious as to who was in the bed. I was so startled by it and scared that when I jumped up, he seemingly, slowly (I thought) walked away down the hall. I ran into the hall, but he was gone. I didn't know what to do. I thought he may have slipped out the glass sliding door, and thought they must not have been locked tightly. Now I was really scared as he could have been hiding in my apartment. I thought he might have come in from the balcony door. I ran down the hall and down the stairs. No-one was there. Then I checked the doors downstairs. They were all locked up. I ran upstairs and checked the glass sliding doors.They were all tightly locked up also. I went back to bed and realized that I had just seen a Blackman's ghost. He seems harmless and I hope he doesn't mind the invasion of his apartment. Sometimes he just likes to let me know he's around by flickering the lights, including the fish tank lights.

Story 2 --Black Music

My son David likes rap music, but not the old black music of black blues. One night he was listening to his radio in the living-room. He said that whenever he would try to find a rap station the button would just turn to a black blues station, and no matter how hard he tried he could not manage to put his kind of music on the radio. So he gave up after awhile and strangely enough he found himself listening to the black blues station. He said he was led by a strange force to do this. He couldn't figure it out. When he told me about it, I explained that I had seen a Blackman's ghost here and then he understood why he had listened to music that he does not ever listen to, by choice!

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