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When I was a young teen from the age of
12 to age 15, I had friends
that were two brothers.
I had a crush on the oldest brother Brian.
The youngest brother was a somewhat quiet
and shy, a boy named Bobby.
They were both very, very handsome boys
and looked so much alike.
The youngest boy was about three years
younger than the oldest one.
I used to give lots of parties and
sometimes I would just forget to
invite the youngest brother personally.
I would tell Brian to ask him to come.
I think once I just plain forget to
even mention my party at all to Bobby
and forgot to tell Brian to invite him.
Looking back at it all now,
I think that Bobby had a mad crush on me.
At the time I was totally unaware of it,
as I was so enchanted with the oldest brother
of whom was out-going and very charming.

When Bobby was about 21, I visited his home
many years after I had moved away.
I saw that he had a wife and two or three children.
They all lived with his parents and it looked as if they
were having maybe some financial problems.
I don't know what kind of marriage he was having.
But, when he saw me, his face lit up
and he was so very glad to see me.
He was totally polite and very sweet to me.
When I left he gave me a big bear hug
and a quick kiss on the lips.
Well that really surprised me as he had
never kissed me before.
Now he does this when he is married!
I had a strange feeling when that happened,
like as if he wasn't happy at all,
and as if he wished that he and I
could have hooked up in the past,
but it was too late now.

A few short years later I heard
that he committed suicide.
I was so shocked.
He was so handsome and so young.
He was in his early twenties with a wife
and children when it happened.
I never could understand why he did it.
One day I was talking to his son
who was now about 20 years old
and I gave him a picture of his deceased dad
of when Bobby was about 14 years old.

After I left Bobby's parent's front porch
that afternoon, I wondered again
why Bobby did it.
Then a voice from the grave,
or from the other side, spoke to me.
It was Bobby. It was definitely Bobby.
He said that he always felt inferior
to his older brother.
He said that people treated him cruel,
as if he didn't exist.
He said that I didn't even bother to
invite him to some of my parties.
I was shocked. I had no idea that I had
ever hurt his feelings.
As he said, I never thought about him,
only his brother.
He said that he had gotten tired of being
in his brother's shadow.

Now I had my answer.
It wasn't a voice with my ears, no.
It was just a very intense message from Bobby,
as I heard him in my mind and heart.
I had no idea that Bobby felt that way.
As I said, he was a very quiet person,
and shy when alive.
I finally found out why he did it.
This is a true story.
Never doubt that the spirits
and ghosts can talk to you.
Yes, they can talk to you
from beyond the grave.

These names have been changed to
protect the young boy's family's privacy.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved