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An Angel's Warning

True Story
When I was seven years old I was
throwing a temper tantrum
at my mother because I didn't like
what she was cooking for supper.
We were having pork & beans and grits.
So as I lie on my back in my own room,
as my mother was in the kitchen,
kicking my feet, yelling and screaming,
while playing with my paper-dolls
all at once.
Let's just say,
I was being a complete brat.
As I was yelling,
I heard a rather loud tapping noise
behind my back upon the window.
It totally startled me.
When I turned to look,
I was so startled at what I saw
I actually shut my mouth and gasped.
I saw a beautiful white hand with
very long, slim white fingers
holding an old fashioned, shinny, gold
key in this strange hand,
loudly tapping on the window glass,
twice more.
Three taps which means death.
(I have learned this as I
became an adult in later years.)
it was the most beautiful hand
I have ever seen,
it scared me so much because it was
only a hand and a key,
nothing more.
I ran into the kitchen.
It was only 9 P.M.
I yanked my mother's skirt
and yelled "Mama, Mama there's a
hand in the window,
please come with me outside
to see who it is!"
I wouldn't leave her alone until
she complied with my request.
She could see my fear.
So we walked outside and she
explained that no-one is that tall
to knock on the window of our
highly raised house,
and that there was no ladder
under the window; therefore,
it must have been my imagination.
Well, I knew what I heard,
and I knew what I saw, too.
So we went outside and looked.
It was a strange night,
for not one single car passed by
and everything was as quiet
as silence.
No-one was walking
down the sidewalks, either.
I even thought that was strange,
as it wasn't that late at night.
Three days later,
my Auntie ran into the house
screaming to my mother
that my grandmother had just died.
Now I know it was an "Angel's Warning"
of death to come.

© by Madame Blue
All copyrights reserved