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Sea Angel

There was a young lovely lady with long golden tresses who lived near the Sea. Her name was Miranda. She was broken-hearted as her divorced husband cast her aside for a wicked woman of whom he met in a place of ill-repute. This wicked woman took him away from his little children and his wife which led to a divorce. The lovely lady was attacked by a demon near the Sea. He talked her into a suicide of drowning. As she was meditating on her sad life. Her two children were all grown up now and she was left so alone. She thought about how she had struggled raising the children all alone and how hard it had been with-out her husband, as he led an evil life with the home-wrecker. She felt betrayed and had given up any hope for any future love. She felt tired and old and gave up on her life. She decided that it was a good time to die. She wondered why God didn't bless her with a new life, a new love. Her two boys weren't doing so well. One was on drugs and the other one was in a mental hospital. She wished that she would never have met their father or had any children since she had a hard life without him. "My children would have been better off staying in heaven than to grow up poor and fatherless." she thought. So it was time now to just step into the water and walk slowly to her death as the water began to become deeper as she walked into the Sea. The sun was glistening into her eyes as the water was now up to her neck. Just a little bit longer before the water would fill her lungs and bring her to her eternal destination.. For some odd reason she didn't fear what was ahead of her eternity. She only feared the loneliness of life. She just feared living. The waves were heard splashing against the shore, as she began to sink to her death. The sun began gleaming highly colored lights with many rays of all the rainbow colors that blinded her somewhat from reality. It seemed as though the sun was beginning to show her a strange form as she sensed another presence above the water. Suddenly, she saw wings , very large ones with bright colors as a beautiful face appeared in the middle of them . Eyes began to become apparent as the gentle face spoke. The Angel spoke to her and said, "I am the Angel of the Sea". I am here to warn you of a terrible punishment you will face from your lack of Faith in your Master, your Creator. He has sent me from the Sea to up-lift your Faith with a message to you. Go home to your children and await a wonderful future with a man who really needs you and needs your forgiveness for he is repentant of the pain he has caused you and his children. For he will turn towards God, and God will give you the desires of your heart. This man will cast the evil woman aside, but only if you can forgive him, as your Father in heaven forgives you for what you were about to do. God loves you dearly, and feels your pain. He will lift you up towards a new life if only you turn back, and go from the Sea and return again with praises for Him and thanks for your blessings." The Angel sprinkled her with Love and Hope as she slowly sank into the Sea, as the sun glistened with arrays of colors surrounding her as she began to emerge from the blue-green sea. Miranda's heart was now full of Hope and felt the love that the Angel left in her heart. She returned home with a feeling of Peace. Soon her oldest son was released from the hospital and his new medication was working a miracle in his life as God healed him. Her youngest son, now 18, was soon released from jail from taking drugs and he decided to quit his drug addiction and went out and found a job to help support his mother. All was well at home, and now she wasn't as lonely anymore and loved cooking for her two sons. But she still went to bed alone and wished for a new love. She prayed for God to send her a new husband. One day she ran out of gas and was stranded in the street with lots of traffic. As she was about to walk to a gas station about a mile away in the hot sun, a man approached her car. He said "Do you need some help?" She turned and saw his face which looked so familiar, but she didn't recognize him right away. He looked into her eyes and she then realized that it was him. The father of her children, the man who tossed her away like a piece of dirt for a wanton woman. He had some gray now in his hair but, he was still very handsome; just fifteen years older now. He didn't even know where she lived and she hadn't seen him in several years. He helped her get her gasoline and bought her a soft drink. After the chore was finished with the car she said to him, "Would you like to see your children?" Tears came into his eyes as he said "Yes, drive your car home and I will follow you there. I want to see my boys". He came to visit and was so happy to visit them. They were delighted to see their father. Miranda was still bitter as he was still living with that woman home-wrecker. He asked to stay, but she put him on the sofa. He told Miranda that his relationship with that woman was filled with a lot of domestic violence, as his girl-friend of whom he would never marry, was a severe alcoholic and became very violent when she would attack him. He was in a very unhappy situation and wanted to live with Miranda and his family. He said that he didn't love the other woman anymore and really needed an out from a situation that caused him a lot of grief. Miranda did not want to forgive him, and said that she couldn't take him back and couldn't forgive him or ever love him again. He said "Please don't take away my Hope, Miranda". He slept on the couch that night, and would drive her to work every day and pick her up from work every afternoon when he himself returned from work. Then a couple of days later he had brought his clothes there, everything he owned, from the other woman's house. He had a very good job as an auto mechanic and made a very good living at it. He began paying some bills and paid rent too. But, Miranda told him that she wanted to hold a grudge as he had caused her so much pain in all the years he had rejected her. She felt that her pride was at stake. Then God intervened and spoke softly to her in the Spirit. He said that He wants her to forgive this man, for in order to be forgiven herself that she must forgive him. He sprinkled her with love and put forgiveness for this man in her heart and love began to take over all the bitterness and anguish that she felt. So as her husband of years ago lie sleeping on the couch, she slowly leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips, as he awakened. She said "Goodnight" and walked up the stairs alone as usual to her bedroom. He wanted to follow her, but was afraid of rejection and he was confused as she had recently told him that she could never love him again. He restrained himself and held onto his pride. So, he didn't follow her upstairs, as much as he wanted to. One Saturday night he got all dressed up and asked her out to dinner and to go dancing where there was a good band at a very classy place. Miranda had no-one else in her life, and was so bored anyhow, that she accepted his invitation. After a wonderful Chinese meal which was her favorite cuisine he took her dancing to the oldies. As they just ended a dance to the song"Daddy's Home", they sat down together at the bar and he said to her " I always loved you in my heart. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I love you, will you marry me"?, with tears in his eyes from regretting all their lost years. She said, "After you buy me an engagement ring, then I will give you my answer". She wanted to make sure it wasn't just the alcohol talking. He said, "I know what I have to do, and I won't give up until you become my wife again". When they went home it was a very romantic night for Miranda filled with many loving kisses as she felt his love re-kindled again. She couldn't resist his loving arms around her as she became weak and gave into their passion. The night was filled with Romance and Love; an unforgettable night. The Sea Angel's message came true. Miranda's life changed, and they lived happily ever after. "God has a sense of humor", she thought, "I prayed for a husband for many years, but I never once thought that He would send me my own husband! Wow what a shock that was!" Miranda returned to the Sea nearby to look again for the colorful Sea Angel and to give praises to God in thanksgiving for her new blessed life, and to thank Him for the love of her husband of the past, and for her husband to be.

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