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Madame Blue
lies near the stream,
pondering the spiritual things.
Wandering around in lonliness.
Wondering about her being,
her life and her death.
Musing on the purpose of her life.

She walks amongst
the dark spirits
as angels surround her.
She walks amongst the
fools and the wise.
She cries with her soul for
the wrongs that are done.
She knows the secrets
of the Holy Book.
A Moonchild at birth
cast down to Mother Earth.
Led by a mighty Spirit
looking over the Moon.

Voices whispering so
softly in her ear.
The wind is blowing a cool
breeze against her hair.
She can hear the
whispers in the wind.
Flowing waves spashing
against the sand
tells a mighty tale.
Of a Greater Power
that we will never understand.

Spirits roam free and try
to warn of all the pits of hell.
But, there are dark clouds
pulling her in.
Falling into the
darkest pit she has
the Faith of another world.
She must choose her destiny
of the two so different worlds.
The twilight of the
peaceful moon or the
flames of the sun.

There is a Dark One
beckoning to her,
as she flys with the
White Angel to the
other side of the moon.

© by Madame Blue
(Dorothy Fontaine Simon)
All copyrights reserved

Madame Blue's Unknown Mysteries

This Website was designed soley by Madame Blue and delves into the unknown phenomenas of ghost, demons, angels, esp powers, asrtal projection, channelling, ufo experiences, inner voices, and the spiritual realm of the "other side" or the "unknown mysteries" of the the unusual true experiences that I myself, Madame Blue and my friends and relatives have experienced. The unusual experiences are told in the form of short stories and poetry.

I have learned a lot about the other side from my experiences and will share with you the things that have happened that taught me more about the unusual phenomenas, as I hope you will also learn more as you read each experience . Read and listen to what the ghosts and the angels have here to teach us about the realm of other worlds. If you like my site please vote for me and be a nice person and sign my guestbook. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the mysteries contained in each short story and poem.

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The mysterious realm
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